We offer a broad range of Corporate Advisory services, from assisting with the planning and scoping of corporate strategy all the way to being the internal Corporate Development department for our clients.

Corporate Development

1602 provides our clients support for a range of disciplines that include strategic analysis, external growth program development, portfolio rationalization, valuation, financial modeling and other Corporate Development activities.

For companies, business units or divisions targeted for external growth, we can develop any of the following:

  • List of prospective acquisition targets
  • Analyses of targets fit to your existing operations
  • Preliminary assessment and valuation of selected acquisition targets
  • Financial modelling of an acquisition’s impact on your company
  • Implementation strategy
  • Execution of any part of the implementation strategy desired by the client

During times when your internal staff is extended, 1602 will take on Corporate Development projects on a temporary basis or will handle selected Corporate Development activities on an ongoing basis.


Strategic Advisory

We advise on all aspects of sell-side and buy-side transactions. Our team is fully equipped to advise clients on transactions, ranging from auctions to tailored one-on-one situations.

A strategic analysis or strategic business plan is the first step in developing an external growth or internal restructuring program. If not already in place, we can assist in developing or expanding these analyses to include an acquisition or divestiture criteria list.

Our services include:

  • Corporate and commercial strategies
  • Portfolio management
  • Entry /exit strategies
  • Market analyses.

    Family Company Advisory

    We advise family owned companies with their specific challenges; our experience and interest allow us to assist these organizations with their strategic paths towards the future. The 1602 team is well aware and knowledgeable on the issues and challenges of family owned and run companies.

    Our services include:

    • How to bring an external investor into the company while protecting the family’s interests;
    • How to maintain or restore your company’s financial solvency
    • Negotiations with company business partners and industry/financial investors or financial institutions
    • What mechanisms should be introduced to protect company interests while satisfying all the needs of company’s business partners.