The real estate proposition of 1602 Capital provides a wide range of options to our investors base. Our aim is to service large tickets as well as smaller investors with long or short term investments. 1602 Capital tries to provide “out of the box” solutions with attractive yields and controllable risks.

1. Buy-to-let funds

In 2021 1602 Capital has established its first buy-to-let investment fund in Rotterdam. The fund will acquire around 60 apartments which will be managed by 1602 and its partner Eendracht Beheer.

Please refer to for more information on this fund.

We are currently scanning opportunities for more projects in this line. We are always open for suggestions and partners to team up with in developing a specific region in the Netherlands. Do not hesitate to contact us.


2. Small scale and short term turn-around projects

The 1602 Capital team within the real estate development gained extensive experience and the necessary skill to successfully originate real estate development projects. These development project have short terms and high yields. Our focus area for these projects is currently The Hague and Rotterdam but we are always open for healthy opportunities.

3. Direct residential developments

1602 Capital Partners acts as an independent real estate investment company focussing on high-quality real estate assets, mainly in residential real estate, that generate long-term and stable cash flows. 1602 targets unique real estate locations that are supported by factors including favourable demographics, strong employment growth and a healthy and sound economic outlook. We aim to source unique investment opportunities and match those with our committed investors.


4. Special projects

Through our basis as a corporate finance advisor we are often approached for “special projects”. This could concern sale and lease backs whereby we would assist the company with buying their real estate and lease it back to them. Besides this we could be approached through our restructuring activities with distressed real estate assets from companies.

All in all these “special projects” often deliver high yields due to their specific nature. Our strength would be to act very quick and proof to be a reliable partner for these companies and our investors.


Open for small and mid-size investors

All these investment categories are open for smaller and mid-size investors. We consider smaller tickets to be between €100.000 and €250.000 and midsize tickets upward from 250.000 up until 5.000.000.

Please contact us directly for further information