1602 Capital offers specific, unlisted investment opportunities directly in companies. This will give our clients access to unique investment opportunities.

Alternative Investments

We select specific, unlisted investment opportunities, which will give our clients direct access to unique companies.

We focus on adding value by (re-)shaping and/or accelerating the growth of companies, offering these companies and our investors the benefits of our financial involvement, our experience, broad skillset, entrepreneurship and network to create value and growth.

The team has a broad, international network of entrepreneurs, professionals, investors and advisors to source unique investment opportunities and match those with committed investors to bring out the best of the companies that we invest in.


Identifying investment opportunities

1602 Capital Partners assesses and selects specific, unlisted investment opportunities, which will give their clients direct access to unique companies as investment opportunities.

    Our Focus

    When assessing investment propositions, we look for companies that fit the following criteria:

    Geography: 1602 Capital focuses on Dutch companies or companies with an HQ in the Netherlands

    Company size: Small and mid cap companies have our main focus.

    Sector strategy: We have a broad sector orientation, focusing on the best opportunities across sectors, matching the team’s skillset and experience.

    Investment type/ theme: We are most interested in accelerating growth and ‘re-developing’ companies that have been underdeveloped.


    Matching of investors

    Because of the broad and international network of the 1602 team, it is able to bring together and match unique investment propositions with the most suitable investor necessary for the specific company.